Do you think your dog has what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? You can test your dog's abilities in the PawsAbilities' Dog Olympics!

There are many Olympic Games to choose from! These games will test your dog's speed, agility, and obedience. Dogs of all skill levels can play. Plus, if you buy a bandana, you can play as many Olympic Games as you and your dog want.


  • Olympic Games – $1
  • Bandana for unlimited Olympic Games – $10

The Olympic Games are based on the skills the Susquehanna Service Dogs need. Dogs will follow instructions, ignore distractions, retrieve objects, demonstrate agility, and of course, show their love for their owners. Most importantly, these games highlight the teamwork and bond between owner and dog. Susquehanna Service Dogs aims to create a bond between partners and their service dogs. When this bond exists, individuals and service dogs don't just work together. They become family.

Game Descriptions

*Games are subject to change the day of the event.

Ball Lottery
Dogs retrieve balls that have been numbered. The dog that collects the highest total wins.
Clean Plate Club
Do you think your dog will eat anything? Enter him in the Clean Plate Club and put him to the test. Dogs are given a series of foods, such as dog treats, crackers, cheese, hot dogs and lemon slices. If a dog does NOT eat everything on his plate, he is excused. The winner is the dog who eats everything.
D-O-G is a dog trick showdown! Participants are divided into two teams. Each handler and dog pair demonstrates a task or trick and challenges the other team to perform it. A handler and dog from the other team must perform the trick. If the other team cannot find a dog that can do the trick or the dog doesn't perform it to the judges' satisfaction, the team receives a "D." Teams take turns challenging each other until one team has the letters "D-O-G." The team that does NOT spell out the word "DOG" wins.
Doggy Limbo
How low can your dog go? Find out in the Doggy Limbo. Dogs are split into groups of large (over 18") and small dogs to shimmy under a bar.
Going for Pairs Relay
Teams send dogs one at a time to a pile of socks in the middle of the ring. Each dog retrieves one sock and races back. The team with the most PAIRS of socks at the end wins.
Dogs line up with their handlers, and commands are sent down the line. How well will your dog listen to the gossip?
Kiss Off
Measure your dog's love in kisses. How long will your dog kiss your face without stopping? Find out in the Kiss Off.
Leave It
In this test of obedience and will power, dogs must resist the lure of tasty treats and obey their handlers by "staying." Dogs sit in front of a paper plate with their handlers by their side. Handlers tell their dogs to "stay" by whatever means they choose. Treats, which include dog food, dog treats, cheese and pieces of hot dog, are placed on the plates one at a time. If a dog breaks and goes for the treats, he is excused from the competition. The final three dogs remaining win.
Marathon Down
Marathon Down will test your dog's obedience and concentration. After handlers place their dogs in the down position, various distractions will be presented to the dogs. The dogs that remain down the longest win.
Musical Hoops
This is musical chairs for dogs! While the music plays, handlers heel their dogs around a row of hula hoops. When the music stops, handlers tell their dogs to "sit" (or "down") so that at least two of their paws are in a hoop. Any dogs without two paws in a hoop are excused. One hoop is then removed and the game continues until only three dogs remain. The last three dogs receive ribbons.
This obstacle course is designed to test your dog's agility and speed. Try to make it through all the obstacles with the fastest time.
Par for the Course
Dogs will be placed in a down-stay at the tee of each hole. The handler can then try for a hole in one by calling their dog to them at the hole, or do shorter recalls, working their way to the hole. One point is added for each recall, and for each distraction the dog visits, such as obstacles on the course or other dogs or humans. The object is to have the lowest score at the end of all the rounds. The obstacles will change with every round, and judges will give you your score after each round.
Puppy at Heart Relay
As teams heel their dogs over the course, dogs must follow commands to sit and heel calmly while their handlers carry a dog treat on a spoon without dropping it. Dogs must then retrieve a piece of hot dog from a paper bag. The fastest team to complete the course wins.
Red Light Green Light
You played it as a child, now play it with your dog! Handlers heel their dogs on green and stop their dog on red.
Ring Around the Rosie
As the audience sings "Ring Around the Rosie," handlers heel their dogs in a circle. At the word "down," all handlers put their dogs in a down position. The last dog down is eliminated. The winners are the last three dogs remaining.
Snoopy Says
In this fast-paced, canine version of Simon Says, handlers and dogs must follow instructions – but only if Snoopy says so!
Tail Wagging
Can you get your dog so happy that he'll wag his tail just from hearing the names of fruits and vegetables? Two teams line up on opposite sides of the ring with handlers facing their dogs and dogs' tails facing inward. The team with the best tail-waggers advances to a wag-off to determine the wagging champion.
Temptation Tower
In this race against the clock, you have one minute to stack as many biscuits as you can into a tower of tasty dog treats. But there is an added challenge! You must build this tower of treats in front of your dog! If your dog eats any of the biscuits, you and your dog will be eliminated from the game. If your tower falls down, you can rebuild until time runs out. The winner is the dog and handler team with the most number of biscuits in their tower!
Tic Tac Toe
Instead of Xs and Os, we use dogs in this game of tic tac toe! Dogs and handlers are divided into two teams, and teams take turns placing dogs on the board. Each dog must be in a sit-stay or down-stay in their square. If a dog breaks the sit-stay or down-stay, he must leave the board. Play continues until one team has three dogs in a row.
You Can Dress 'Em Up Relay
How fast can you get your dog dressed? In the You Can Dress 'Em Up Relay, handlers and dogs race to a box of clothing, where dogs must be dressed in a t-shirt with one leg through each sleeve, a scarf and two socks. Dogs are then heeled back to the starting line to tag the next team member. The fastest team wins the heat. Elimination rounds will determine the final winners.