PawsAbilities is full of fun activities for you, your dog, and your family! More activities will be added as we get closer to the event. All of these activities are subject to change.

Amateur Agility
Try out this fun way to engage with your dog physically and mentally. You will guide your dog through a pre-set obstacle course, including tunnels, weave poles, tire jumps, walk-it ramps, and more! Amateur Agility is run by Sits and Tricks.
Barn Hunt Basics
Let your dog put their nose to work! At the Barn Hunt Basics station, run by Sits and Tricks, dogs will have the opportunity to search out live rats (protected inside tubing) hidden among straw bales.
Dog Olympics
Test your dog’s skills in these fun Dog Olympic Games! Enjoy games such as Marathon Down, Temptation Tower, Doggy Limbo, and Musical Hoops to test your dog’s self-control, agility, and obedience. Dogs of all skill levels are welcome. Don’t forget to bring a costume for the canine costume contest!
These dogs really do seem to fly! In this speed relay, each dog leaps over jumps to retrieve a ball from a spring-loaded box and return to the start. All four dogs race to complete the course in under 24 seconds! This demonstration is brought to you by Flyball Dogs Anonymous.
Games-Based Concept Training
Learn about concept training, a fun, positive way to engage your dog’s brain and help your dog build their skills and confidence and make good decisions. By playing fun, easy, no-pressure games, you and your dog will discover your dog’s strengths and areas for improvement, and how to continue building those skills. Games-Based Concept Training is brought to you by Sits and Tricks.
Kids’ Area
Bring your kids to the Kids’ Area for games, crafts, and more fun!
Kissing Booth
Get a kiss from a future service dog. At the kissing booth, you can meet future service dogs and help them practice good public behavior.
Northern Piedmont Retriever Club Demonstration
*Weather permitting
Watch demonstration of hunting retrieving by the Northern Piedmont Retriever Club.
Outdoor Lure Course
*Weather permitting
Does your dog like to run and chase things? Lure coursing might be the sport for them! Barkby Plungers is offering an outdoor lure course, where your dog can chase a mechanically operated lure.
Paw Draw
In this game of chance, you’ll have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.
Scent Work
This sport feeds off your dog’s natural skills to track, search, and smell. Try it and learn first-hand how enriching and fun it is for your dog to seek out various scents hidden in the environment. The scent work station is run by Sits and Tricks.